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CiF As An Indicator Of How Bad Things Are?

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The social republican pointed me to Cif and I saw, by chance, an article by Alan Dershowitz.

I was NOT concerned with the contents of his article, I am not a fan, but rather the REACTION to it, which it is safe to assume would be lively.

Using the number of comments deleted as a marker of hostility.

Out of 441 comments some 61 were deleted, when I counted them using Firefox’s search facility.

I can’t say why they were deleted, but recently CiF has cracked down on anti-Jewish racism, so it is probably fair to say that a lot of those 61 comments relate to that, given the author of the article.

Granted, it is a bit crude, but over 10% of comments being deleted seems excessive and suggests to me that anti-Jewish racism amongst the posters at CiF is higher than is healthy or desirable (ie. >0.5%).

If that really is the case, then I am left wondering what that says about CiF, its posters and the wider society.

Update: A very innocuous post from Francesca Segal, who openly identifies her self as a Jew on Cif.

Some 61 posts deleted out of 237. Comments were then closed. That is over 25% of the comments marked as iffy by Cif moderators. Given the tone and nature of the article it would not be too much to assume that a lot of them expressed some form of anti-Jewish racism, that’s a lot in my book.

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