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CiF As An Indicator Of How Bad Things Are?

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The social republican pointed me to Cif and I saw, by chance, an article by Alan Dershowitz.

I was NOT concerned with the contents of his article, I am not a fan, but rather the REACTION to it, which it is safe to assume would be lively.

Using the number of comments deleted as a marker of hostility.

Out of 441 comments some 61 were deleted, when I counted them using Firefox’s search facility.

I can’t say why they were deleted, but recently CiF has cracked down on anti-Jewish racism, so it is probably fair to say that a lot of those 61 comments relate to that, given the author of the article.

Granted, it is a bit crude, but over 10% of comments being deleted seems excessive and suggests to me that anti-Jewish racism amongst the posters at CiF is higher than is healthy or desirable (ie. >0.5%).

If that really is the case, then I am left wondering what that says about CiF, its posters and the wider society.

Update: A very innocuous post from Francesca Segal, who openly identifies her self as a Jew on Cif.

Some 61 posts deleted out of 237. Comments were then closed. That is over 25% of the comments marked as iffy by Cif moderators. Given the tone and nature of the article it would not be too much to assume that a lot of them expressed some form of anti-Jewish racism, that’s a lot in my book.

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10/01/2009 at 04:14

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  1. No no no no no, Mod. Those comments were deleted because they referred to O.J. Simpson.


    10/01/2009 at 13:42

  2. Are you doing your Melanie Phillips impression? Talk about manipulating evidence to fit your theory. You have no idea how many deleted comments were antisemitic, even if we accept you are a fair judge of what is or is not antisemitic. Some comments are deleted because they are personal, puerile, fighting with other commenters etc…

    This type of lazy speculation may be okay for your blog – but not anywhere more rigorous.


    11/01/2009 at 05:55

  3. Frank,

    you make a fair point, we don’t know for certain, but I’ll bet that the percentage of deleted comments goes up dramatically, IF the author expresses any sympathy with Israel or the plight of Jews?

    now if, somehow, we could statistically monitor Cif postings and then find an approximation for “personal, puerile, fighting with other commenters” etc across a range of posts, then that would lead us to determining if the total of deleted comments in the above examples was excessive. My bet is that it would be.


    13/01/2009 at 05:27

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