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Watching the BNP, Only If You’ve Got a Strong Stomach.

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Those fine people at Unity Anti-fascist Forum have pointed me towards an anti-BNP channel on Youtube, GHDF1.

It contains undercover videos of BNP activities, neo-Nazi skinheads, blood & honour gigs and clear indication that the BNP wish to transform themselves from a bunch of Hitler loving thugs into something with a veneer of respectability.


Watch the clip on Copeland and the BNP, only if you’ve got a strong stomach

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23/01/2009 at 17:28

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Johnny on Obama.

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Some shrewd comments on Obama by Johnny Guitar:

“Reihan Salam is not the first person to recognise Obama’s relatively conservative agenda yet hearing such a thing voiced out loud remains something of a rarity, especially on British television where the new President’s policies are conveniently ignored in favour of endless hours of news coverage on the historic nature of him assuming power. There are a lot of people, not all of whom are politically naïve impressionable youngsters, that have over the course of the past year or two been swept away by the Obama bandwagon. The whiff of radicalism created by the mix of their candidate’s race and eight years of the Republicans in power will in the coming months ebb away when it is slowly realised that he is not the revolutionary some seem to have taken him for.”

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23/01/2009 at 04:01

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