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Watching The Vicars?

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Antifascists come in many shapes and sizes, not least with their own specialist skills, Seismic Shock is one such, who has authored an informative article on the Facebook group ‘Christians Against Zionism’.

Readers will notice the vulgar and racist symbolism used within that Facebook group.

Eileen Fleming, one of the group administrators, is a strange one, lionised by David Duke [sorry, no link, use google with those key words and it is plastered all over the place, from neo-Nazi web sites and beyond, yuck] and renowned for calling Daily Kos “a right wing Zionist cabal.” after they stopped her posting racist filth. I will leave readers to make up their own minds on Ms. Fleming.

Still, keeping a watchful eye on neo-fascists, their pals, Holocaust deniers and the odd vicar is a job that Seismic Shock does rather well, certainly worth a visit.

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Bits From Around The World.

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