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Clarkson, Thatcher and Rowan Laxton.

HP covers Rowan Laxton’s racist outbursts at a gym.

All in all it is a wonder that, so far, his remarks have received little to no coverage in the mainstream British press, outside of the Daily Mail and Torygraph.

If the racist remarks of a senior British diplomat are not news worthy, then what is?

Wrong type of racism? surely not?

Update: Pickled Politics has it too, the comments box is revealing, see if you can spot the Far Right loons (hint: look for the world ‘semite’)

Update 2: Hours later and little of the British media has picked up the story, via google news the key words Rowan Laxton comes back with 16 entries:

Atlantic Online,, Canada, Ha’aretz, Israel, Times Online, UK, Metro, UK, PRESS TV, Iran, FOXNews, Arutz Sheva, Israel, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY,Ynetnews, Israel,, UK, Jerusalem Post, Israel, This is London, UK ,Ha’aretz, Israel and, United Kingdom.

Update 3: Hours later and still little coverage in the media, but at HP one of the posters makes the astute comment:

“…If we start to excuse ‘casual’ racism we are embarking on a journey down a very slippery slope. Recent events – Carol Thatcher, Princes Philip and Harry etc. have shown that the media has no sympathy for ‘casual’ racism when it relates to other ethnic groups. Why should Jews be of any less concern to them? …”

Update 4: Hours later and, according to google news, only two other news outlets have picked it up: Londonist, UK and The Associated Press.

I assume that some D notice is functioning at the Beeb ?

Update 5: Searching the Guardian comes up with no article, only one comment on Cif by a poster on their whole site. The BBC has nothing but an old article on Mr. Laxton from his days in Afghanistan as British charge d’affaires.

Update 6: I shall make this post sticky (stay at the top of the blog) for a while, newer posts will initially come below it. Google news shows one more entry, but nothing major from the UK media. The story is doing the rounds of the blogs, on LiveLeak and Huffington Post but they toned down the reality of Mr. Laxton’s comments. I assume that such swearing is a bit of a no-no for Huffington?

Update 7: Meryl Yourish picks up on an interesting point “The case could not have come at a worse time for the Foreign Office. Next week, Britain is hosting an international summit on combating anti-Semitism, with politicians from 35 countries.”

Update 8:
There was a strong exchange of views in the comments box on this topic, which I let go, even though I found many of the arguments borderline racist. But what interested me was the venom which was aimed at “Zionists”. I couldn’t make out if the poster “Gazza” was really on the Left or Far Right.

Still his answer about “Khazas” gave the game away. See my previous post for the warning signs, For UCU Activists – How To Avoid Re-posting from Neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan or White Power Web Sites.

Comments now closed, I have had enough of the Fas. for a while.

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