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Sri Lanka.

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The situation in Sri Lanka is grim:

“About 40 civilians are being killed and more than 100 injured every day in fierce gun battles and artillery exchanges between the Sri Lankan army and Tamil Tiger rebels, health officials said yesterday.

Dr Thurairajah Varatharajah, the government health officer for the Mullaittivu district, said that artillery shells were landing routinely in populated areas.

Speaking from a school in the coastal town of Putumattalan where he had set up a makeshift hospital, Varatharajah told the Associated Press that medics were being overwhelmed by casualties and running out of essential medicine. Twenty-two people had been killed when the hospital took a direct hit this week, he said.

“We are facing in the hospital big problems on all sides. Not enough toilets, bad water supply, food is also a problem,” he said in a telephone interview.

Around 200,000 people remain in the shrinking patch of jungle controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the north-eastern coast.

The trickle of refugees has become a flood: official figures showed 37,420 people had crossed the frontlines this year, with almost 35,000 making the hazardous trip this month after running out of food and drinking water”


“Doctors say wounded Sri Lankan civilians are dying for want of proper medical treatment as they lie trapped in a makeshift hospital in the last rebel-held pocket in the north-east of the island.

This weekend, hundreds of injured civilians poured in to the improvised medical facility in Putumattalan village, which has been repeatedly targeted by artillery. Earlier in the week 16 patients were killed in shelling.

Both government forces and Tamil Tiger separatists have been accused of war crimes during the conflict, although confirmation is impossible because independent journalists are banned from the conflict zone. Yesterday the Sri Lankan military said a suspected Tamil Tiger threw a grenade into a bus carrying civilians trying to escape, killing one woman and injuring another 13 people.”

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