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New Labour Stuffed By A Banker?

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The world is full of ingrates, or so it would seem to new Labour?

They have assiduously tried to suck up to the movers and shakers in the financial world, particularly City bankers, but their patronage is not always reciprocated.

So it was with Sir David Freud, the architect of new Labour’s attack on the disabled and infirmed.

As reported over at Dave Osler’s, new Labour brought out a government White Paper based on Freud’s previous back of an envelope recommendations, but he jumped ship.

Instead Freud is taking up a Tory peerage and wants to implement wholesale welfare reform, probably along the lines of the old workhouse model.

Sir David, according to the brief biography provided by the BBC is nothing if not a bit of a smartie, a meteoric career, plenty of ambition and chutzpah.

He pushed out his report on welfare reform after some three weeks of “research”, despite having no previous knowledge of this field or ever having been on the dole, or disability benefit.

Getting Sir David Freud to produce a blueprint for welfare reform is a bit like asking Sweeney Todd for a short, back and sides, the result is predictable butchery.

Many other sites covered New Labour’s nasty and pernicious attacks on those least capable of defending themselves.

I would hope that this debacle with Sir David Freud could be a lesson for new Labour but I fear not.

New Labour’s detachment from reality and wish to implement Tory lite policies do not bode well.

In fact, you might argue they are just paving the way for David Cameron’s new government, in waiting. What cretins.

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