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Gilad Atzmon, David Duke and CiF.

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I use to read the Guardian, and even signed up to Comment is Free early on, but it soon became apparent that CiF was infested by extreme right-wing cranks.

These posters would invariably monopolise the comments box of any article on the Middle East, or relating to Jews, then fill it full of racist filth.

Months went by and the Guardian did nothing about that racism.

Latterly they introduced some half-hearted moderation, but CiF is still not a place for intellectual discussions or topical debates on current events, as a recent post showed.

David Toube recently posted a piece on the UAF and to illustrate one of his points he mentioned Gilad Atzmon’s racism:

“For years, the Socialist Workers party promoted and toured the self-described “ex-Jew” Gilad Atzmon. When SWP supporter and Childrens’ Laureate Michael Rosen criticised the party for giving a platform to a performer who, he argued, voiced racist and antisemitic ideas,”

No sooner was that point out of the bag than some posters in the comments box were denying Atzmon’s racism.

Silly me, I pointed them to Atzmon’s ludicrous comments concerning Jewish bankers as an illustration of his racism, but to no avail.

“Atzmon’s comments on the recent financial problems:

“Throughout the centuries, Jewish bankers bought for themselves some real reputations of backers and financers of wars [2] and even one communist revolution [3].”


[3] Jacob Schiff (the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Company) is credited with giving twenty million dollars to the Bolshevik revolution. A year after his death the Bolsheviks deposited over six hundred million rubles to Schiff’s banking firm Kuhn & Loeb. (New York Journal American 1949. February 3.)” “
[warning: some really nasty material and links there, use caution]

Then I remembered that I covered this previously at Harry’s Place and how it revealed that Atzmon was probably a secret reader of David Duke’s web site.

The key was Atzmon’s use of a footnote, [“New York Journal American 1949. February 3.“] It appeared a bit strange to me, so I threw it into Google, with quotes.

Oh, what a surprise, out pops the very same reference from David Duke’s web site.

David Duke 2 out of 7 links, one to my own post at HP, another to Soccer Dad, one Tony Greenstein, Atzmon’s original and an unrelated racist post at ISO Hunt.

Three of those links post-date Atzmon’s article, which means the pre-dated ones are Duke’s original filth (two lots), the ISO Hunt rubbish and Atzmon’s work.

All of which suggests to me that Gilad Atzmon picks up his reference material from David Duke’s web site, or some neo-Nazi sewer.

Still, the news that Atzmon is probably reading David Duke and looking for inspiration won’t come as any shock to those who follow his antics, or I suspect put people off at CiF from defending him.

Pity that ranting on about Jewish Bankers, revolutions, etc doesn’t even count as anti-Jewish racism on CiF? Would David Duke’s racist filth even turn heads at CiF?

I suppose not.

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23/02/2009 at 04:38

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  1. If I am not mistaken, Norman Cohn traces the cannard: “Jacob Schiff (the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Company) is credited with giving twenty million dollars to the Bolshevik revolution” to Henry Ford, in his book, “Warrant for Genocide”.
    I read it not long ago and I remember seeing it and marking it for later.

    Fabian from Israel

    23/02/2009 at 21:51

  2. thanks Fabian, if you get a reference I’d appreciate it 🙂


    24/02/2009 at 01:49

  3. […] recently, Atzmon has been ranting on about Jewish bankers and seemingly sourcing his material from David Duke’s web […]

  4. What is “CiF?”


    30/10/2009 at 05:19

  5. […] example of Atzmon’s racism is how he argues that Jews fund war and revolutions, and anyone competent enough to read Far Right and neo-Nazi web sites will remember that old racist […]

  6. […] find links to the neofascists at Ziopedia. Plenty of filth from the well known anti-Jewish racist, Gilad Atzmon and a lot of barely disguised anti-Jewish racism littered throughout their […]

  7. […] Atzmon shares some David Duke’s views. […]

  8. An article retracted editor Alan Maass comments on a recent article.

    July 14, 2010

    ON JULY 13, published an interview with jazz musician and anti-Zionist writer Gilad Atzmon. The interview took up Atzmon’s childhood in Israel and his growing awareness of the oppression of Palestinians, as well as his ideas on music and art.

    Since the interview’s publication, we have learned of many allegations that Atzmon has made not just highly inflammatory, but anti-Semitic statements about Jews, be they supporters or opponents of the state of Israel–and that he has associations with deniers of the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews. The evidence for these serious charges is damning.

    We knew that Atzmon was a controversial figure among opponents of Israel when we ran our article, but not the full extent of these allegations. And needless to say, there is no trace of such ideas in his interview with, or it never would have been published.

    Nevertheless, we believe that our Web site, which is committed to the liberation of the Palestinian people and to the struggle against anti-Semitism, should not have published the interview without any reference to the controversy over someone who could make the comments and advance the ideas that he has–whatever his motives or reasoning. We have therefore withdrawn the article from our site. We invite our readers to comment by e-mail to


    14/07/2010 at 14:51

  9. [Ops just noticed it was the American SWP!]

    Yeah right,

    So the British SWP pushes this bloke for FOUR years and couldn’t detect the whiff of antisemitism that followed him around? Geniuses

    Jewish socialists told the British SWP that Atzmon was a “wrong ‘un” from the outset, and even after FOUR years of repeating it, the British SWP didn’t get the message.

    In fact, the opposite the British SWP put out a statement defending him, so frankly there current piece is just a bit of retrospective PR.

    The both the British and American SWPs fucked up BIG time and can’t bring themselves to admit it, even now.


    21/07/2010 at 11:53

  10. […] think that Atzmon is an “anti-Zionist” despite the fact that he pushes racist material, seems to read David Duke and argues that Jews are behind the French and Russian Revolution. Now anyone with a modicum of […]

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