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Time For a Technology Post!

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I always mean to write more on technological developments, but never seem to, either the moment passes me by, someone else writes a far better, well informed post elsewhere or my mind wanders and the moment is lost.

So whilst I have my failing wits about me I’ll cover a few of the latest Linux distributions.

There is no shortage of viable alternative to Microsoft rubbish and Distrowatch covers most of them, but also see Tuxmachines, USA Linux Users Group Forum, LinuxLeak and Lxer.

They will keep you informed on Linux news, views and reviews.

Still, there is plenty to choose from, maybe too much?

Not really in my view, but you need to experiment a bit to find one that suits all of your requirements.

For example, I need a bit of word processing, a good browser, low operating system overheads, strong package management, quick to install, some media utilities and the ability to run the latest version of Wine.

I could have chosen either Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva, OpenSuse, even Fedora, but I lived with MEPIS for ages and despite KDE resource hungry attitudes I found it very useful and easy. The others are equally as good, if you do your research, read the release notes and prepare carefully for any gotchas.

I quite like Gnome, KDE is OK if you are on a fast machine and certainly E17 is pretty, but I stuck with LXDE for ages under Arch Linux, which almost remains my favourite distro.

Arch Linux is not for the faint hearted and it helps if you read the wiki pages a bit, I didn’t initially and managed to kibosh an installation twice. Lesson learnt.

Having said that, Arch Linux once installed is light weight, nippy and very flexible. It meets 95% of my requirements and normally I’d pick it, but then came along Sidux.

Sidux is a LiveCD version of Debian’s “unstable” branch and then some, which can be installed on a hard drive without too much trouble, in about 5-6 minutes. It comes in essentially three shades: KDE, KDE lite and XFce. I plumbed for the latter.

XFce under Sidux is very usable and allows access to a vast array of Debian applications.

As for being on the “unstable” branch, I think that is exaggerated, apart from a slight hiccup with the new release I have had less problems with Sidux than a bucket load of XPs, Vista, Windows-ME, Windows 98, even 95.


Don’t forget that AntiX is very elegant too, I haven’t tried out the very latest version but if it is anything like the previous ones it should be very good. When I have a bit more time and brains I will re-install Arch Linux.

Remember to give them a try out, on a spare machine, firstly.

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