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Sidux and Mulitmedia.

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Sidux is very handy, you can have either a LiveCD working away, not touching the hard drive or do an installation of it in about 5 minutes, but there is a small downside.

It is not a big problem, but for a number of strange reasons getting information on codecs and multimedia is harder than it needs to be.

For example, if you were using Ripper X and wanted to extract to MP3 that wouldn’t be possible without the presence of the correct codec.

Here’s the solution:

1. edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list
2. and the line:
deb sid main, close the editor (I use nano) and return to the command line.
3. using a browser add in or update the debian-multimedia-keyring package, see the FAQ, first question.
4. execute from root:
apt-get update
5. assuming that goes well, next do:
apt-get install lame
6. follow the prompts, when the installation has finished successfully, bring up Ripper x
7. click on Config, next MP3, look at the Encoder plugin, select Lame MP3 Encoder.
8. It works!

Also see the sidux-Underground Forum for helpful tips.

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26/02/2009 at 21:14

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