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Oxbridge Denial?

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Not sure what’s going on in Oxford, but Cherwell, Britain’s oldest student publications, is having problems:

“Editors of the prestigious Oxford University paper Cherwell have been forced to resign over a row about a mock issue.

The Lecher was produced as an obvious spoof and distributed to editorial staff at a private meal last year and despite only being appointed last month, and in no way responsible for the publication, the current editors have resigned amid protests.

The satirical edition contained a piece mocking the Holocaust and another which poked fun at the sexual abuse and murder of babies. And following condemnation from students and tutors the editors Sian Cox-Brooker and Michael Bennett were forced to resign. “

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News In From Caracas.

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AP is reporting:

“CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Assailants threw an explosive at a Jewish community center on Thursday, but nobody was hurt in the blast — the second assault against Venezuela’s Jewish community this year.

Abraham Garzon, president of the Jewish Community Center, told the local Globovision television news channel that a small explosive resembling a pipe-bomb was lobbed at the building in Caracas before dawn on Thursday. The explosion damaged the doors to the center.

“It seems there are people in the country dedicated to sowing terrorism,” Garzon said.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack, which immediately reignited fears of rising anti-Semitism in Venezuela.

It was the second attack against a Jewish institution this year.

A Caracas synagogue was ransacked and vandalized last month. The assailants shattered religious objects, spray-painted “Jews, get out” on the temple’s walls and stole a computer database containing names and addresses of Jews living in Venezuela.”

Meanwhile in Germany:

“Uwe Luthardt was a senior member of the NPD but quit to inform on the party which Germany tried unsuccessfully to ban several years ago.

He told of weapons stores and how members greet each other with “Heil Hitler” salutes, sing the banned songs of the Third Reich and relish the idea of a new Holocaust against the Jews.

Last year neo-Nazi attacks in Germany reached an all-time high and authorities are battling to stop youngsters from being attracted to the politics of the right – particularly now that Germany is in a deep recession and jobs are being lost by the thousands every day.

Luthardt, a former board member of the party, said he was threatened that he could “disappear” if he informed on its inner workings.

“Someone who just quits usually gets a lot of problems, and can find himself waking up in intensive care,” he said.

“It wasn’t really my world. When you went along to evening meetings, you saw all the shaven heads, and a black sun or other Nazi symbols tattooed on arms. They usually just boozed or were abusive. If there’s no opponent around, they just fight among themselves. “

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