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Williamson Still Stuck in “Irving” Mode.

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Trying to prize any sense or reason from Holocaust deniers is a thankless task, even the Vatican can see that, as the Guardian reports:

“The Vatican has rejected an apology by a British bishop who questioned the truth of the Holocaust, saying that his statement was not good enough to let him to serve as a clergyman in the Catholic church.

Bishop Richard Williamson, whose readmission to the church caused international outcry, apologised last night for remarks in which he denied the scale of the Nazis’ genocidal campaign against the Jews.

In a statement on the website of the Rome Catholic news agency Zenit, he said his views on the Holocaust were not those of an historian. They had been “formed 20 years ago on the basis of evidence then available, and rarely expressed in public since.” Williamson added: “To all souls that took honest scandal from what I said, before God I apologise.”

The chief Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, said today that Williamson’s statement “does not seem to respect the conditions” for his readmission to the church. Earlier this month, the Vatican said Williamson would only be allowed to serve as a clergyman if he recanted his views “in an absolutely unequivocal and public way”.

In a TV interview broadcast in January, Williamson said there were no gas chambers in the Nazis’ concentration camps. He challenged the accepted figure of six million victims, saying he believed no more than 300,000 Jews had died.

“I can truthfully say I regret having made such remarks, and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them,” Williamson said “

Update 1:
Over at the Holy See, Zenit has more:

“The Vatican spokesman was not the only one who found Bishop Williamson’s apology Thursday lacking. Jewish groups from various countries have also expressed their dissatisfaction. Dieter Graumann, vice-president of the Central Council for Jews in Germany, told the Handelsblatt newspaper that the prelate’s statement “leads one to the conclusion that he still believes in the Holocaust-denial.” “

Update 2:
Seismic Shock has another angle to Williamson.

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