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Gilad Shalit – One Forgotten Israeli.

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I was recently reminded that Gilad Shalit has been in captivity for a thousand days, but if you read much of the European or British media you wouldn’t know that.

In fact, if you manage to question international bodies, such as the UN or the International Red Cross, you wouldn’t even know that he was kidnapped from Israeli territory.

Most of us will remember when a British journalist was abducted outside a cafe in Gaza some years back, and the indignation of Alan Johnson’s colleagues was all too evident, yet even though Hamas and their allies have admitted kidnapping and holding Gilad Shalit, that’s about it.

Outside of some Israeli or Jewish groups there is no evidence of concern, acknowledgement of his captivity, or news of Gilad Shalit’s fate.

As far as international organisations and the Western media are concerned Gilad Shalit is a nonperson.

This attitude or apathy shouldn’t be surprising, but the very least the International Red Cross should be lobbying Hamas for access to Gilad Shalit, but is there any evidence of that? No.

Then again were frequently told that the West should recognise Hamas as the democratically elected government (that’s leaving aside their coup d’etat in Gaza), however, there is little reciprocity.

There is no pressure, no following of accepted conventions concerning prisoners of war, when they are Israelis.

The International Red Cross couldn’t give a shit, the UN neither and Hamas will probably use Gilad Shalit, whose health was weak, as some bargaining chip, that is forgetting any international conventions concerning prisoners of war, humanitarian concerns or even humanity, and no international organisation will dare disagree with them.

In complete contradiction to international conventions no outside medical staff have visited or cared for Gilad Shalit since his kidnap, some 1000 days ago. They have done nothing. Zip. Nada

So next time when you wonder why the Israelis sometimes appear a bit belligerent, a bit stroppy and seemingly unconcerned with what international organisations think of them, ponder the fate of Gilad Shalit and ask:

Where was the International Red Cross?
Where were the UN?
Where was the Western media?
Would they act like this, if the PoW wasn’t an Israeli?

And you know the answer already.

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19/03/2009 at 02:51

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