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Tibetans Attacked Again.

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The Chinese government continues to use all measures to suppress the Tibetans, that includes professionally hacking into their computers remotely, extracting private information then using it against the Tibetans.

The Independent has more:

“The Chinese government is under pressure to answer allegations that it is operating a huge cyber spy network that has hacked into classified files in computers in 103 countries and monitored secret correspondence sent by the office of the Dalai Lama.”

Meanwhile, the West is sucking up the dictators in Beijing:

“LONDON — China isn’t calling for a replacement of the dollar as the world’s main currency, the country’s ambassador to the U.K. said Sunday.

Speaking to the British Broadcasting Corp. ahead of this week’s Group of 20 industrial and developing nations’ summit in London, Ambassador Fu Ying said recent comments by Chinese central-bank Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan calling for a new global reserve currency were meant as a contribution to an old debate.”

Update: Jenny, one of my few readers, points us to an appalling article by Jack Elgin, which repeats many of the false and colonial arguments used to prop up British Imperialism (“When we found them, they were savages under feudal oppression, now they are liberated under our rule, much better off”) and some whatabouttery (“the rest of China is full of oppressed people, why are the Tibetans so special and deserving of freedom?”).

Of course, the question of who runs Tibet never comes up?

A single individual, an appointee from Beijing runs Tibet, not the Tibetans. And more importantly why is China in Tibet? To exploit precious raw materials.

So if like Jack Elgin, you have no problem with dictators (as long as they are far away) or the rape of the Tibetan countryside (the colonial destruction of environment is somehow acceptable, but not when it is close to home) then you might not see any problem with China’s oppressive rule in Tibet.

Just don’t get me started on China’s repression of Tibetans, with the full force of the State security apparatus, or the news blackout that it maintains concerning the seedier and more destructive side of China’s rule in Tibet.

Update 2:
Next, we have Michael Parenti, spouting stuff straight from Peoples Daily about how terrible the previous Tibetan rulers were, a rather old ploy.

But for the sake of the argument, let’s accept Parenti’s evidence and how a small minority ran Tibet, etc

How does that differ from today?

Not much, in fact it is even worse. The local Chinese Communist Party Secretary runs Tibet.

So from the rule of the few to the diktats of the one.

I wonder if Parenti’s book, Democracy for the Few, 2007. Now in its eight edition, a critical study of the U.S. political system.” should be expanded to cover Tibet?

Unless Parenti feels that Americans, but not Tibetans, are deserving of democracy? Which is a very colonial mindset.

Whatever the terrible deeds of Tibet’s past rulers, that does not excuse repressive Chinese rule and the occupation of Tibet.

That should be the starting place for debate on these issues, and not used as an excuse for denying Tibetans the same rights, freedoms and dignity that Westerners (Brits, Americans and Canadians) take for granted.

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