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Florence Hartmann

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Just in from the Comité de Soutien “Préserver la Justice Internationale:

” We, Mothers for Peace, in link with the Association Sarajevo and the Forum grenoblois for Democracy in Balkans, were strongly mobilized during the conflict in ex-Yugoslavia, as were many of you.
The massacres which fired ex-Yugoslavia, then Rwanda, compeled the creation of International Penal Courts. The TPIY and the TPIR have for mission to establish the truth about the chains of responsibilities in the committed exactions and to judge the alleged culprits. The creation of these courts is an indisputable advance and an indispensable condition for the reconstruction of a durable peace.

The fulfillment of this double mission is threatened by the indictment of Florence Hartmann today.

Journalist and essayist, well known by the defenders of Human rights, Florence Hartmann was also from 2000 to 2006 the counselor for the Balkans and the spokeswoman of the prosecutor of the TPIY, Carla del Ponte. In 2007, she published Peace and punishment, the secret wars of international policy and international justice in which she brings to light the difficulties met by an international justice ceaselessly confronted with the political pressures in the fulfillment of its mission. In pages 120 – 122 of her book, which caused her indictment, she dismantles the mechanism which led the judges to shield from justice crucial documents: the archives of the Supreme council of Defence of the Federal republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro). By doing so, magistrates deliberately sacrificed their duty of truth and notably prevented the International Court of Justice ( ICJ) from establishing the responsibility of Serbia in the genocide committed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, by keeping silent about these proofs.”

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25/05/2009 at 00:48

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  1. Are the Mothers of opinion that Florance can flout the solemn undertaking she gave when she took up her job? When a person flouts the solemn undertaking with impunity with probably the aim of self aggrandisment, how can one trust her on anything? One must remain a person of principle to be credible. But you cannot change it for any reason whatsoever.
    These principles are sacrosanct. Florance subscribed to a solemn oath – if she violated it she shou;ld be punished – simple.


    12/07/2009 at 04:37

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