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More Links on Iran

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One of my readers, Ganselmi, would like me to high these fine Iranian blogs and I am only too happy to oblige .

Ganselmi’s blog.

Potkin Azarmehr, an award-winning London-based blogger often featured on BBC and other mainstream media sources.

The Spirit of Man, who apparently is very blunt but also very insightful and well-informed.

A word of warning, I am none too keen on neo-cons or supporters of the monarchy, but I’ll go with Ganselmi’s suggestions, for the moment, and hope these links can shed light on the unfolding events in Iran.

For the sake of balance, here’s one to the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI), enjoy!

Their blog too.

Update: Not forgetting, the Committee for a Workers’ International statement on events. (Thanks to AVPS for that.)

Update 2:
The French NPA have released a statement on what it sees as electoral fraud in Iran, a google translation, the original.

The Communist Students, To the people of Iran: We are with you!

Update 3:
Not forgetting Kellie, he’s covered a lot more than me.

Mick Hartly pointed me towards the big picture on Iran.

Boston Globe is reporting:

“The Revolutionary Guard, an elite military force answering to Khamenei, said through the state news service that its investigators have taken action against “deviant news sites” that encouraged public disturbances. The Guard is a separate military with enormous domestic influence and control of Iran’s most important defense programs. It is one of the key sources of power for the ruling establishment.”

Update 4:
Entdinglichung reckons the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency are good and who I am to argue? Their site is a marvellous example of multilingualism with 11 languages covered.

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  1. Thanks for the linking us comrade.

    Chris S

    17/06/2009 at 15:56

  2. also not bad: … from the Iranian comrades of Socialist Appeal


    17/06/2009 at 16:02

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