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26th June 2009.

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Over at Communist Students they are pushing for a demonstration on June 26, read on:

“Defend Trade Unionists in Iran – Down with Sanctions and Imperialist threats
Friday 26 June, 12.30 -1.30pm, Iranian embassy,
16 Prince’s Gate, London SW7 1PT

This demonstration has been called in support of trade unionists, such Mansoor Osanloo, and social activists who are now languishing in Iran’s jails. The demonstration is to show support for our comrades in Iran. The demonstration has been called by some important international trade union organisations (IUF, ITF, EI) and people from across Britain will be attending.”

From LabourStart:

“Friday is the Global Day of Action for Iranian Workers. Trade unionists in Iran like Mansour Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi suffer imprisonment and harassment by the state whenever and wherever they organize. (photo: Free Osanloo) Click here for more labour news from Iran and here to send a message of support and learn about events in your region.Got a photo that should be here? Post it via Flickr. “

LabourStart’s news from Iran.

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Difficult To Swallow

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Various people and organisations have been analysing the voting patterns, here’s Ali Ansari and Thomas Rintoul’s take on things:

“For the numbers to add up, in 10 out of Iran’s 30 provinces, Ahmadinejad would have had to win the votes of all those who did not vote in 2005, all those who voted for the centrist Hashemi Rafsanjani in 2005, and up to 44% of those who voted for reformist candidates that year. For anyone who has experienced the polarisation of Iranian politics in the last decade, this is hard to believe.

Instead, it seems Ahmadinejad recorded many of his greatest victories in rural, often ethnic minority, provinces that formerly supported the reformist cleric Mehdi Karrubi. Rural and ethnic minority provinces (contrary to much popular opinion in the west) have traditionally voted against conservatives. Most notable of these was Karrubi’s home province, Lorestan, where his 2005 tally of 55.5% was cut to just 4.6%, with an overall increase of 296% in the conservative vote. In a province with a long history of supporting ethnic Lors like Karrubi, this is even more surprising. Ilam, Khuzestan and the crucial province of Fars all saw huge swings from the cleric to Ahmadinejad.

The breakdown of the votes is not a smoking gun, it does after all come from the same ministry of interior run by Ahmadinejad’s former campaign manager, which conducted the count. However, it shows that even the official ­version of events makes some claims that are difficult to swallow.”

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An Underground Newspaper in Iran, The Street.

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Apparently there is a new underground newspaper doing the rounds in PDF format. It is called “Khiaban” or “The Street” it covers street protests in Iran and provide vital news of events, to counter the State’s propaganda.

Iran in the Gulf has two posts on it:

Translating “The Street” Newspaper Circulating Among Iran Protesters

Translating “The Street” Underground Newspaper, Continued

Also see Boozhooz news which comments:

The Iranian government has maintained it’s ban on foreign media reporting from ‘illegal’ rallies, meaning that social media sites such as twitter have continued as the way for protesters to get information out of the country. Not only have regular updates of events in Iran been posted, but videos have been posted to sites such as youtube and CNN’s Ireport along with hundreds of thousands of pictures to flickr, twitpic and other similar sites. Yesterday, saw the upload of the extremely distressing footage of a young women, who twitter users have named Neda (voice or call in Persian), dying after being severely wounded in protests.”

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