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Heavy Hand

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The Iranian State used the security machinery, militia and bullets to put down the recent protests and in some ways they succeeded, in the short term.

However, the situation in the medium to longer term is not so rosy, the very legitimacy of Iran’s theocracy has been shown to be a sham, only held together by the use of force.

So we should expect more protests and more revolutions in the Middle East, when conditions permit.

These protests were just the first step in overthrowing the brutal regime in Tehran, and that must be the work of the people of Iran, and only they can truly succeeded.

Marg bar coupe d’état.

The BBC has a more considered and rather conservative view.

UPI see Ahmadinejad faces post-protest troubles.

Reuters highlights Iran bans Mousavi ally from leaving the country.

AP finds the dictatorship true to form, Dozens of journalists among jailed in Iran

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