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Mid-Week Around Up.

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I am a bit knackered at the moment, and even less coherent than normal but following Jim and Bob’s example I am going to do a quick round up of various blogs that I read, some you’ll like and some not.

Over at a very public sociologist, Phil looks at conspiracy theories and 7/7.

Pastor porn at Bartholomew’s notes and a lot more.

Bob, himself is good, in particular this bit:

“In contrast, MRZine seems to play towards what I call the ZLeft. The ZLeft takes an outwardly libertarian anti-establishment form, but lacks any political analysis apart from hatred of America and the West, and is therefore easily seduced by any authoritarian thugs who “defy” America.”

I was hoping for some lucid academic insights into the situation in Iran at Crooked Timber, but can’t find any, still at least they don’t neglect popular culture with the clip of Michael Jackson.

Dave looks at the YouGov survey on BNP voters, not nice reading. He wonders about the ‘male beauty crisis’ and rightly has a dig at politicians pontificating.

Jim on tennis and plenty of Green thingies.

There are no messiahs considers Alan Woods and An Introduction to Trotsky’s Writings on Art, whilst thinking about democratic centralism. I am almost weeping with despair.

The Revolutionary Flowerpot Society has a piece on a demonstrator, previously kept in a secret prison in Iran.

Yaba Yaba describes the sit-in at Cairo airport of blogger and journalist, Wael Abbas.

Gerry Burke at the Irish Left Review looks at Obama and the socializing of the Health Care system in the US.

John Gray loves it when the SWP and the Socialist Party slag each other off. Whereas Seismic shows us Billy Graham’s darker side.

The Contentious Centrist in a more serious mode looks at the Mumbai killers, then reminds us of Pogroms and Death Camps.

Finally, the CST has details of a report into the BNP’s performance in the recent local and European elections, and later on argues that “people who want to criticise or campaign against Israel should exercise care that their activities do not invoke or allude to traditional antisemitic imagery or language.”

You’d think they were stating the bleeding obvious, but when you look at Cif or the Guardian it becomes clear that many just sleep walk into nihilistic anti-Jewish racism without a moment’s thought.

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Celebration of Steve Cohen’s Life

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Steve Cohen’s friends, comrades, including those in No-one is Illegal, Engage, JSG and various campaigns that Steve was involved in, have organised a celebration of Steve Cohen’s life which will take place this Sunday, 5th July 2009.

Engage has more details.


There is an excellent collection dedicated to Steve Cohen at the Archives Hub.

Update 2:

Steve’s pamphlet, That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Anti-Semitic, An anti-racist analysis of left anti-semitism has been placed on on-line by Libby Lawson and Erica Bunnan.

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