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Spittoon On BNP Leaflets.

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Spittoon has a piece on those BNP leaflets:

“It is a pernicious piece of race-hatred and anti-Muslim bigotry that has been around for years and has long required some form of legal action taken against it. The good news is that senior prosecutors are calling for laws on race hate crimes to be strenghtened which will counter the distribution of leaflets like this by the British National Party.”

Update for commenters:

Please, don’t even bother to post excuses for the BNP, deflections or reasons why you like them, I don’t like neo-fascists. Period. If you wish to make excuses for them go else where, I am not interested.

Update 2: Some time ago, I made things pretty clear, but here’s a snippet for those that missed it:

Additionally, I’d like to make something clear, I don’t get many commenters (there are many better blogs) but recently some rather dim witted and nasty fans of David Duke have found my blog. These would-be Adolf’s are surprised that their poorly written, unintelligent racist comments are spammed by WordPress and deleted.
That’s the way it is.
I shouldn’t have to explain it, but I don’t have any time for mindless neo-Nazis, Aryan Nation creeps, White Power freaks, BNPers or apologists for David Duke’s vile views.
The problem is, that Jew haters and Jew baiters by their very nature are a bit twisted in the head and largely incapable of understanding why no one shares their obnoxious views.
Such comments will be deleted without a moment’s regret. I don’t believe in giving neo-Nazis or their friends any free publicity.”

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