“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

Roll Around Roundup

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A bit of a cheat, various items that caught my eye, second failure in three years:
“When the Department for Transport boasts that a company has agreed to pay £1 billion or more over the life of a franchise, it neglects to point out that only a tiny fraction of that amount is guaranteed in the small print. Companies can walk away from their franchises and only have to surrender a “performance bond”, which in National Express’s case is £32 million.”

17 Web Browsers for Linux, Chrome for Linux is the one to watch, Firefox is still rather buggy, awaiting a patch kit, when it works they found it was faster, the best stability tip I can suggest is to turn off all video plug-ins.

Forty years ago, almost, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, listen to the take off. The Apollo 11 home at NASA. The BBC’s Sky at Night and the Apollo landings. Apollo 11 images.

Shuggy on understanding Ben White and racism.

In Darfur: “Fears are growing that an Irish aid worker kidnapped near Darfur was seized by an Islamist militia linked to the Sudanese regime, Irish government sources said last night.”

The Iranian regime and journalists.
Azarmehr looks at PressTV and its Western mouthpieces.

Martin on UCU: “On Saturday UCU general secretary Sally Hunt represented the union at a protest outside the Iranian embassy, as part of the Justice for Iranian Workers campaign.”

Bob’s got some good questions.

coming along a pace.

Finally, Antix Linux, one of my favourite distros is out on public test and it even has autologon now, great.

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