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Green Thursday And Other Things.

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As the events in China show, the people are revolting. So it is with Iran, and although in both countries massive state repression has been implemented the people still keep revolting.

Now is your chance to share in those revolts:

“Here is something you can do about it. An anniversary demonstration at the Iranian embassy in London is scheduled for this Thursday, starting at 6 PM. Please wear green and come along to 16 Prince’s Gate, SW7. The nearest Tube station is South Kensington.”

Two Weeks Notice: A Latin American Politics Blog has more coverage of Honduras (thanks to Flesh is Grass). I am still looking for decent local information on events.

Darran at Red Star has a deceptively clever original essay which seeks to answer the question: why has marxism had only limited influence in Britain?


Over at Tulip there’s a piece about the Israeli journalists’ union being expelled from the International Federation of Journalists.

Mick Hartley has provided excellent background to events in and around Xinjiang for many years, read on: Razing Kashgar, A Force for Good, Hizb ut-Tahrir in Xinjiang, China’s Empire and China and Xinjiang.

Update: See Left Luggage for Where now for anti-fascism?

Update 2: Hates Crimes at

Harry Barnes In Memory Of My Father.

Eric Reeves Sudan Elections and Southern Self-Determination: At Growing Risk.

At the El Nuevo Pantano Peronism: A Brief History.

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Trust The Tories?

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[I have neglected the Tories, probably because of my low opinion of them and they aren’t terribly exciting politically. You almost know what they’ll do if they get power again, but before that they’ll try to be all things to all men and tell people what they want to hear. So if I have the energy and inclination I will post a bit more on the Tories.]

The Tory Party is full of jokers, led off by their head clown, Cameron.

Their latest witticism is to propose that all NHS patient data be managed either by Microsoft or Google, maybe both.

Anyone who has rebooted their Microsoft operating system six times a day or more will fully appreciate the level of diligence which Microsoft does not aspire to.

As for Google, we all use that company’s products, well most of us. Those who happened to be Chinese and living in the People’s Republic of China have greater problems, their government coerced Google into blocking many critical sites, and without much of a murmur Google duly complied.

But there are unforeseen merits to the Tories’ idea, at least you will probably get to see your neighbours, relatives, friends’ personal medical records, that’s after they’ve been leaked across the Internet, sold to every conman and identity fraudster there is.

If you cast your mind back and think about the fairly minor data leaks which have come out of Whitehall, then the raft of information which could be extracted from the NHS database will dwarf those debacles several times over.

And even if, by some miracle, the NHS data is not leaked across the world then it might well be sold to private company’s or portions of it.

No doubt the inventive Tories will try to extract as much money from the NHS data as possible, creating mailing lists of patients’ ailments and auctioning them off to the highest bidder.

If you think the amount of rubbish and bumf that comes through your letterbox is a bit too much now, just wait until the Tories have got their hands on the NHS data.

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