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Amazon Vs. CiF.

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I simply couldn’t resist this, as Seismic said, “Mercifully, the moderators at amazon are less “hands-on”:

From an Amazon review of Ben White’s book:

” 1.0 out of 5 stars Dreadful, unbalanced, and ultimately unhelpful, 10 Jul 2009

By Entrepreneur (London) – See all my reviews

Ben White is known to be a very biased writer. He approaches the situation in Israel from a highly prejudice point of view, and makes no effort to be balanced or even handed. So if you’re an unthinking Israel hater, you might like this book, as it’ll add fuel to your fire of hatred. But if you are looking for an intelligent assessment of the complex and terrible situation in the Middle East, and it’s causes, look elsewhere. While White claims to be dealing with the origins of the situation, he does everything but. He prefers not to mention terrorism, and successful measures to stop it.

This author prefers everything to be black and white, good or bad, right or wrong. And for him, Israel can only do wrong. Having gone on the record as ‘understanding why’ people are antisemitic, one might question his reasons for this. No serious author on this topic should be this blinkered, limited, and prejudice. Such an approach is part of the problem, not the solution.

White neglects to mention vital events, such as Israel disengaging completely from Gaza in 2005. He ends many of his quotations just a bit too early, thus bending their meaning to his needs, but totally misrepresenting the original sense of the original source. And his sources all turn out to be form totally anti Israel writers. No serious author limits themselves in this way, and thus this reader can only conclude that White wasn’t aiming for balance, but for dogma and and bile. On that score, he succeeds (hence the 1 star I have awarded him), but as a wannabe author and peace activist, he needs to try much harder.

A dreadful little book. “

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Seismic has the Guardian bang to rights with their silly moderation policy and even sillier control freakery in trying to form the terms of the debate.

Not only do “anti-Zionists” like Ben White ban critics from public meetings, but they can’t take factual corrections of their own faulty research. As shown below, White used made up quotes from Ben Gurion to paint a bleaker picture of his views and the situation in pre-1948 Palestine.

Fake quotations from the Talmud and the Zionist leaders, including Ben Gurion, used to be confined to neo-Nazi and Extreme Right web sites, but now they are entering the mainstream thanks to War on Want, Ben White and Pluto Press, oh, not forgetting the Guardian’s role.

My last comment on that Ben White thread was thrown into moderation and I would expect, given the capricious nature of the moderation policy on CiF around these topics, that it won’t see the light of day, other than on this blog, just a reminder:

“I find it fascinating that a liberal newspaper, The Guardian, which apparently champions freedom of speech and freedom of expression has such a one-sided moderation policy.

So far I have had three, fairly innocuous, comments deleted.

I do, however, feel fortunately that neither the Chinese State, nor the Guardian’s moderators and their bosses, have control over the wider Internet or I suspect there would be a serious diminishment of the exchange of views as a result.

Still, the Guardian’s desire to control the terms of the debate does not go unnoticed in the wider blogosphere.

Shame about CiF, I used to like it.

That is the problem with power, it goes to people’s heads be they, Prime Ministers, Presidents, journalists, politicians or lowly Internet moderators.

Anyone interested can read the Guardian’s laughable community-standards (moderation policy). Shame they only partly implement their own guidelines on “We will not tolerate racism…”.

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Lady Renouf, neo-Nazis and PressTV.

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Astute readers will remember Lady Renouf, long-term associate of the holocaust denier, David Irving, chum of President Ahmadinejad and contributor to PressTV.

Lady Renouf has been busy recently drumming up support for two rather nasty neo-Nazis, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle. Over at YouTube, sorry no links, I have my limits!

Shepherd and Whittle were convicted of incitement to racial hatred last year, but skipped bail and fled to America to the bosom of the sizable neo-Nazi and White Power movement in that country.

They were apprehended and sentenced, but is worthwhile pondering what type of person would support these disgusting specimens?

Well, Lady Renouf is an acquaintance of that arch “anti-imperialist” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the one time President of Iran and convener of the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust in December 2006. The conference was attended by the creme de la creme, or dregs of the gutter (however, you please) of Holocaust deniers and their neo-Nazi chums, including David Duke, Robert Faurisson, Fredrick Töben, Bradley Smith and Serge Thion.

It should be plain by now that what unites these sorry individuals is not a quest for truth, nor any concern in the Middle East, rather they are motivated by one thing only: a hatred of Jews.

More recently Lady Renouf worked for PressTV, as this exceedingly dodgy Khomeinist web site relates [warning very iffy link]:

“On 14th May the channel duly filmed an interview with the science historian Dr Kollerstrom and a second interview with Lady Renouf, who provided the background regarding the stark contrast between the open democratic approach she had experienced at the Tehran conference, as compared to the tyrannical and closed programme of this year’s government sponsored Berlin conference, where no revisionist was invited – though the conference was supposed to be all about revisionists and their (source) criticism.

Kollestrom and Renouf at Press TV Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom and Lady Michèle Renouf on set at Press TV after recording each of their interviews. Lady Renouf is holding a copy of The Rudolf Report

There are some photos of her and the then Iranian President on her web site, but I really haven’t the stomach to link to them.

But back to those neo-Nazis, the Indy reports:

“The court was told that the investigation into the men began when a complaint about a leaflet called Tales Of The Holohoax was reported to the police in 2004 after it was pushed through the door of a synagogue in Blackpool.

It was traced back to a post office box in Hull, registered to Sheppard.

Police later found a website featuring racially inflammatory material.

Prosecutors said one leaflet found by officers suggested that Auschwitz was a holiday camp for Jews provided by the Nazis.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Sandiford, said: “The general theme of the article was that Auschwitz-Birkenau was in fact a holiday camp provided by the Nazi regime.

“Jews from all over Europe came to enjoy a free holiday. A constant theme was the Jewish people had made up the story of the Holocaust as a slur on the German people.”

Referring to an article by Whittle, the prosecutor added: “He returned to what appears to be a favourite theme: the notion that black people are not as equal as whites. They are sex-crazed, blood-thirsty savages.

“Black people were caricatured as uncivilised primitive savages portrayed as nothing more than murderers and rapists.” “

So if you ever hear that Ahmadinejad or PressTV are worthy of support as “anti-imperialists” then do remember Lady Renouf, don’t forget David Irving and certainly not those nasty pair of neo-Nazis.

Update: I would refer incoherent neo-Nazis, Lady Renouf’s friends and assorted Hitler lovers to my comments policy, in my recent post.

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