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White Replies.

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Unlike many “anti-Zionists” who appear very touchy concerning criticism of their views, I won’t delete a comment unless it is from a neo-Nazi, white power freak or one of their mates, so I was more than happy to allow Ben White’s comment through moderation.

Ben White posted a link in a comment box below as a rejoiner to Jonathan Hoffman’s criticism of White’s new book.

I haven’t read White’s book, but am sure that when it deservedly finds its way into the bin-ends of a cheap bookshop that I will pay it the attention it merits.

Books demonising Israel are two a penny, attacking Israelis is a pet hobby of many ex-public school boys and the British intelligentsia. It is a very contemptible practice but as many historians have argued the middle classes are more susceptible to Judenhass.

Sadly, the 21st century is turning out to be so similar to the 20th.

Update: White argues ” He [Hoffman] had been banned by the charity from attending due to his past disruptive behaviour.” which seems a bit surprising as relates “He told the Jewish News that he was contacted again this week and informed he would not be allowed to attend as an observer of the discussion, which War on Want claims is open to the public.”

I would have thought that the Charity Commission might want to know that War on Want organises a public meeting then selectively bans members of the public that it does not like.

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