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Submitted To Moderation

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It seems that my comments on Comment is Free are automatically submitted for moderation. This has happened a few times, more recently when I saw an article on PressTV, by a leading PressTV employee.

Hmm, no conflict of interests there?

So apart from why a liberal newspaper should want to provide PR for PressTV, I was curious on another matter and I posted a question:

“If PressTV is so blameless, please could you explain why it provides a platform for Holocaust Denial?

Nick Kollerstrom wrote an opinion piece “Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom argues that the alleged massacre of Jewish people by gassing during World War II was scientifically impossible. “

[warning a link to his article, rather nasty]

According to her web site, Lady Renouf is often offered a warm welcome at PressTV.

Readers will remember that Lady Renouf has been a major supporter of David Irving, Ernest Zundel and Robert Faurrison, all leading Holocaust deniers.

That and much more.

So why does PressTV push Holocaust Denial.”

None of my recent comments on CiF have been offensive or rude, so it is peculiar that they should be pushed into moderation whilst offensive comments from anti-Jewish racists seem to sail straight through the Guardian’s moderation scheme.

Still I doubt that my comment will ever see the light of day over there, perhaps they should rename CiF to Comments Are Moderated.

Update: It seems to have got through!

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15/07/2009 at 15:14

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  1. The Guardian is now officially an organ of the IRI junta.


    15/07/2009 at 15:25

  2. Consider it flattery 🙂


    15/07/2009 at 21:44

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