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If I Had Been Lucid.

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I wish I had written this, as it embodies many of my own feelings on the subject, but written with far greater lucidity than I could manage at the moment.

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For decades workers in the Building Game knew there was a blacklist operating, for those who tried to fight for basic rights in work. Later on the activities of the Economic League were exposed and now this:

“David Smith, deputy information commissioner, said: “Ian Kerr colluded with construction firms for many years flouting the Data Protection Act and ignoring people’s privacy rights.

“Trading personal details in this way is unlawful and we are determined to stamp out this type of activity.” “

But what a pathetic fine. They should have gone after those construction companies and levied at least £500,000 at time.

(Thanks to Jim for catching this.)

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16/07/2009 at 22:08

Guesting At HP.

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A few reflections in a guest post at HP.

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We Choose.

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In memory of Apollo 11, I bring you we choose the moon, and the Guardian’s coverage which is very good.

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16/07/2009 at 02:25

More On The Jobbik.

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Adam Holland covers the Jobbik in detail.

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Political Answers.

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Jfjfp have updated their material on Ben White’s faulty new book and I was struck by this passage:

“that questions White’s accuracy in the use of supporting material and to a response by Ben White that seeks to rebut Hoffman’s claims. As before, publication on the JfJfP website does not imply support for arguments made; they are published as a contribution to debate.”

“the JfJfP website does not imply support for arguments made;…”

It is hard to tell if they are apologizing for including in a critique of White’s work, or that they wish to, partly, distance themselves from White’s book, just in case, it blows up in their face.

Which seems to me to be a political answer.

By that I mean, it is the type of answer that you would get from a professional politician, a form of words which don’t really address the issue, but are often thrown out as a way of placating criticism and hedging one’s bets just in case it all goes wrong.

Astute readers will see that JfJfP leave out Jonathan Hoffman’s final reply to White’s rejoiner, which is posted at the top of Z blog.

Not very impressive either way, as they don’t deal with White’s use of doctored quotes, nor the substance of the criticism which has been leveled at White’s methodology.

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16/07/2009 at 00:41