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Kindle And Book Thief.

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A quick few bits on the technology side whilst I am about it.

Own a Kindle, did you know that Amazon has the ability to erase your existing books, if they wanted to ? Well, take back might be a better way of putting it.

AntiX is looking good.

Wine is at 1.26 dev, if only Debian would get their finger out and update their Repos any time soon.

But on the brighter side Google Chrome for Linux, dev version, has been updated. Looks like the bookmark manager is working.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Five Great Linux Distributions That Did Not Survive

The ARM port of Slackware could be good, with cheaper ARM-based notebooks possibly coming on the market.

The new Chrome OS, everyone has a view.

Me? I think it is a good idea and should move things along, Microsoft are dead meat.

Oh, Firefox is out, but buggy. Just turn off the plug-ins and see if that helps.

Talking of which Firefox 3.7 mock ups are on the web. Personally, I do wish they’d spend more time on bug fixing than designing pretty schemes and layouts.

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22/07/2009 at 02:02