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The Drip Drip Of Conspiracy Theories.

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There has long been an argument that the drip drip of antagonism towards Israelis which is prevalent in the British media class and the intelligentsia would poison the political climate and make racism towards Jews more acceptable.

It is a contentious argument no doubt, but the evidence of how a Morning Star reviewer could write such a glowing review of a book, a conspiratorial book written by neo-Nazi is all the more surprising, and gives some credence to that argument.

A few minutes research into the nature of the book’s publisher, Progressive Press, would have sounded alarm bells to any competent antifascist, or anyone literate.

Still, worse was the seeming unfamiliarity with Nick Kollerstrom, a well-known holocaust denier.

Leaving aside the obvious ignorance on the part of Geoff Simons, I wondered if there was another reason that he was so accepting of Kollerstrom’s dubious arguments.

Now bear in mind that what unites Progressive Press, some of its authors, Kollerstrom and Hallett, etc is an obvious paranoia and a belief in antisemitic conspiracy theories, as seen in the publishers’ web pages.

But I couldn’t believe that a Morning Star contributor would have those hang ups, that was until I saw the following article by the same Geoff Simons.

It is full of inflammatory language, distorted history and a stock of dubious quotes, rather similar to those normally found on Far Right web sites.

Now I can see why Geoff Simons liked Kollerstrom’s book.

Update 1:
Rachel from North London dealt with Kollerstrom in 2008.

Update 2:
I am getting some spam from Jew hating nutbars, so I would like to refer them to my moderation policy.

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The Stalinist School of Falsification Over At The Morning Star.

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As Dave Osler indicated the Star tried deleting that terrible review of the Holocaust denier, Nick Kollerstrom’s new book.

Well they tried, but the Star’s Stalinists were beaten by modern technology, Google’s cache

Here’s a copy of that review:

“Terror On The Tube

by Nick Kollerstrom (Progressive Press, £10)

Monday 03 August 2009
by Geoff Simons

This important book tears the official explanation for the July 7 Tube and bus bombings to shreds.

No Star reader will be surprised to hear about government lies, but Kollerstrom presents a detailed analysis based on a wealth of information that is staggering in its implications.

The government story is completely demolished. Times, photographs, official statements – all are subject to a careful scrutiny that leaves nothing standing.

Kollerstrom admits that the truth about the attacks may never be fully known and argues for a proper public inquiry.

He also attempts a posthumous rehabilitation of the four so-called bombers.

So who was responsible? The author explains the idea of “false-flag terror,” staged by governments to achieve political ends.

US analyst Webster Tarpley said in 2005: “Last week’s London explosions carry the characteristic features of state-sponsored, synthetic provocation by networks within the British intelligence services MI5, MI6, the Home Office and the Metropolitan Special Branch who are favourable to a wider Anglo-American aggressive war in the Middle East.”

The false-flag argument is extended to other much-publicised terrorist atrocities – September 11 2001, Bali, Madrid, Istanbul and Mumbai.

Such events imply obvious state-organised conspiracies. It is true that some conspiracy theories are nonsense, but before you dismiss Kollerstrom’s case you should read this well-researched and impressive book.”

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