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More Bits

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More of my occasional round up of technical stuff that I have come across in the past few weeks.

Bing is being marketed as the new and wonderful search engine and not just a re-name of something old (as if that would happen, eh ?), what about the copyright?

Gmail has many add-ons, and one that I like and wish I had used before is unsend, it is somewhat hidden away.

MI5 hacked, or not, depends on who you believe. Bet that makes a lot of people feel safe.

Gary McKinnon is being served up by HMG as an offering to the US. Instead of being punished McKinnon should be congratulated for finding weaknesses in US government computers. Still, the lazy managers of those systems won’t admit fault (or they’d lose their jobs) and so Gary McKinnon will be used as the sacrificial lamb to placate North American incompetence. Even some North Americans agree.

Apple’s PR skills are failing as bigshots drop Iphone.

PCLinuxOs seems to be differentiating itself from the pack, they’ve just released PCLinuxOS LXDE 2009.4 the LXde edition. I use to like PCLinuxOS with its cloning facility, but a few of the last releases have been buggy so I’ll wait 1-2 months before testing this one. Could be good, best wait and see.

Glad I don’t have an Ipod.

Like speed ? Petaflops, not MIPS, are the new kids on the block.

Oh, more Firefox bugs.

Want to create a bootable USB with Linux on it? unetbootin is a good method.

In environmental news, British rubbish, globalized.

Stuck for a ripper on Linux? Try ripit on the command line, it is fast and only about 381 K!

Finally, is Wikipedia slowly dying?

Update 1: There is some contention as to the actual damaged done, but as pointed out:

“The unemployed systems analyst from Wood Green, north London, admits he gained access to 97 US Navy, Army, Nasa and Pentagon computers from the bedroom of his girlfriend’s aunt’s house.

But he says he was motivated by curiosity and only got in because of lax security.

The US government says he stole passwords and deleted files. He faces up to 70 years in prison if found guilty.”

Update 2:
McKinnon admits making mistakes ages ago, in 2005, but it seems unlikely that he damaged 73,000 computers along the way, as has been suggested, when a simple restore from the daily backup would cure any problems:

“He strenuously denies the justice department’s charge that he caused the “US military district of Washington” to become “inoperable”. Well, once, he admits, but only once, he inadvertently pressed the wrong button and may have deleted some government files.”

Update 3:
They have now released an early version of Firefox 3.6, I do hope that they’ll make an effort to fix the swath of existing bugs before we see a beta.

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