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Whilst I Am A Bit Thick.

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No blogger’s block, rather my minds none too sharp at the moment, so I’ll cover a few technology bits, they are not too demanding and they might be informative, if you’re lucky.

I lied before. I tried PC LinuxOS LXDE version and it hasn’t been too bad. Midori as a browser is a nice experiment and the initial install took only about 6 minutes and 1.2 Gb of space which is very low by today’s standards. You do need to add things, but it allows a certain flexibility. Still it is early days and I haven’t tested it in earnest yet.

Ebooks have a great potential, and whilst I don’t think they will ever replace normal books, they do have lovely possibilities, forgetting Amazon’s Kindle for the moment, I think they could evolve into some form of cheap handheld computer device, like out of Star Trek. Now they are terribly costly and you get the feel that the manufacturers are still trying to find an elegant design. Whatever they choose I hope they use that lovely facility within Kindle for text to speech. Apparently some 17 ebooks will now support Adobe’s EPUB format, which is a way of standardizing the media, even though it is DRMed and trying to break Amazon’s monopoly.

Arch’s been updated, I do wish they’d get a real good X installer version for the lazy and no, Larch is rubbish.

Chrome for Linux is being update regularly, anyone using a Debian derivative should try it.

Wine reaches 1.27, dev.

Texting too much? Hmm, read this.

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14/08/2009 at 04:08