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The Italian Neo-fascist And The BNP.

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In spite of being extreme xenophobes and bigots, neofascists often like to get together with their life minded Italian comrades, it makes them feel a bit bigger and not just isolated cranks shouting at the moon.

So it was when the notorious neofascist Roberto Fiore visited the BNP’s shindig-in-a-field this year, the Times has more:

“Right-wing European activists have addressed the British National Party’s annual gathering despite protests by anti-fascists that blockaded the event and resulted in 19 arrests in the Derbyshire countryside.

Last night Roberto Fiore, the leader of the Italian far-right party Forza Nuova and a friend of the BNP leader Nick Griffin, spoke to several hundred people at the Red, White and Blue Festival about the “threat” to Europe from Islamic extremism.

Mr Fiore, who once said he was happy to be described as a neo-fascist, was sentenced in 1985 to 10 years prison in Italy, in his absence, for being a member of the political wing of the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei, a fascist terror group.

The group’s armed wing was implicated in the Bologna bombing of 1980, which killed 85 people. Mr Fiore’s jail term was eventually “timed out” under Italy’s statute of limitation laws, and he was able to return to his homeland in April 1999. “

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Lying Tory Bastards.

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Lies and Tories go together.

Despite David Cameron’s supposed cuddly image and fake concerns for non-old Etonians, his mates in the Tory Party gave away the game, the Observer has more:

“David Cameron was facing a battle to restore party unity behind his health policy last night after it emerged that several of his key shadow cabinet members put their names to a manifesto criticising the NHS and calling for it in effect to be dismantled.

The Observer can reveal that leading Tory MPs – who include Cameron’s close ally Michael Gove – are listed alongside controversial MEP Daniel Hannan as co-authors of a book, Direct Democracy, which says the NHS “fails to meet public expectations” and is “no longer relevant in the 21st century”.

Others listed as co-authors in the book, published shortly after the 2005 general election, include shadow cabinet members Greg Clark and Jeremy Hunt and frontbencher Robert Goodwill. Clark and Hunt were unavailable for comment last night.

Gove is also one of a group of more than 20 Tory MPs and MEPs who are cited as supporters of Hannan’s views in another book, The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain, published in December last year, in which Hannan and Tory MP Douglas Carswell describe the NHS as “the national sickness service”.”

Cameron expects people to trust him with the NHS? Oh, yeah, look there’s a flying pig/Tory.

Update 1:
Whilst on the topic of the NHS, I am indebted to captainjako for the link to This American’s Experience of Britain’s Healthcare System. It is rather good.

Update 2: John Gray’s “A day in the Life of Joe Middle Class Republican” is topical.

Update 3:
Tendance Coatesy is good.

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