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The BBC Is To Promote Neo-Fascism.

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Lancaster Unity has more:

“THE BBC has provoked controversy by giving the British National party a platform for the first time on Question Time, its top current affairs programme.

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader who was elected to the European parliament in June, is expected to be on the show in October. The corporation has decided that the far-right party deserves more airtime because it has demonstrated “electoral support at a national level”.

The move has caused consternation among politicians, with some Labour MPs and at least one cabinet minister pledging to boycott Question Time. They fear the BNP will use the publicity to promote a racist agenda.

The change in policy has also triggered dissent within the BBC. One senior correspondent, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s barmy … Public servants can be sacked for membership of the BNP and yet the BBC wants to give them airtime with the main political parties.”

My view ? No platform.

Update 1: Across the pond, neo-Nazi emails are leaked, the National Socialist Movement’s vile mutterings are exposed.

Update 2: Talking of neo-fascists, the EDL are scrutinized by Richard Bartholomew.

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Scraps Of News.

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Oh and Hugo Chavez meets some Holocaust denier and election fiddler, giving him a big hug.

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