“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

Good Analogy.

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Over at Dave Osler’s socialists, “anti-imperialists”, believers in the ‘armed struggle’ and others are arguing over the Taliban and Afghanistan.

It is not a pretty discussion (if it can be called that, with all of the name calling and deliberate bad faith), but one poster, Michael, made a very good analogy:

Imagine if the US was controlled by religious extremists – and Dubya’s government doesn’t really count – a government whose treatment of its citizens, and in particular women, was brutal. Then someone invades them and installs a creaky government whose democratic principles are creaky as well. Are you going to back the wingnut KKK resistance or the dodgy foreign-backed government?

Me? Wouldn’t wholeheartedly support either. Although in the cold sobering light of day I might say the creaky not-quite-perfect foreign sponsored government would be a better platform for the growth of better human rights, better democracy, a better more inclusive education system and all-round improvement for society.

Update 1: We often tend to forget the previous situation in Afghanistan when the Taliban ruled it, and their crimes they perpetrated, just as a reminder:

Amnesty’s 1999 report on Afghanistan: The human rights of minorities.

HRW’s 2001 report on the massacres of Hazaras in Afghanistan.

HRW’s 1998 report Afghanistan: The Massacre in Mazar-I Sharif.

HRW’s 2001 report on the use of child soldiers by Taliban in Afghanistan.

Update 2: Here’s Amnesty’s report on Afghanistan: Women in Afghanistan: Pawns in men’s power struggles.

Update 3:
Another Amnesty report on the Taliban’s deliberate killing of civilians, Afghanistan: summary execution of civilians in Yakaolang.

Update 4: More on the Taliban massacre at Mazar-i Sharif in 1998. HRW’s put it at 2000. The Hazara Nation blog has a more detailed account.

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08/09/2009 at 22:02

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  1. this scenario would be really diffucult for some pseudo-leftists, some probably would prefer an occupied “big satan” due to their “anti-americanism”, some more principled “pseudo-anti-imperialist” would support each force of “resistance”

    p.s.: reminds me of of the crap movie Red Dawn 😉


    09/09/2009 at 13:28

  2. You could well be right, but I suspect that many will read Michael’s fine analogy and simply not comprehend it.

    I find the inability of people to advance cogent arguments on this topic or at the very least make a stab of thinking thru the implications of a Taliban victory rather depressing.

    Watching the decline of the British Left is not a pretty sight, more like a car crash in slow motion.


    09/09/2009 at 14:53

  3. […] Taliban has done that and much […]

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