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EDL Causes More Trouble.

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Anti-Muslim bigots, skinheads, the odd neo-Nazi and assorted football hooligans in the form of the EDL caused more trouble, this time in Harrow, the Guardian reports:

“Riot police were struggling to contain protests by anti-fascist demonstrators and rightwing organisations outside a mosque in north-west London tonight.

Officers were hit by bricks and bottles as they tried to keep about 1,000 rival demonstrators apart outside the partially completed mosque near the tube station in Harrow.

Seven people had been arrested and weapons, including bottles of bleach, a hammer and a chisel, were seized, a Metropolitan police spokeswoman said.”

Update 1: Watch the idiotic organizer, Stephen Gash, when he’s asked if organising a demo outside a mosque, after Ramadan on September 11th, is inflammatory, bottom of the page at BBC News.

Update 2:
Gash it seems was connected to the English Democrats years back. The Torygraph have granted him a blog. Not sure if Gash is just naive, stupid or on the way to Far Right membership, could be a combination of all of them?

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11/09/2009 at 21:07

The Moral Imbecile And HRW.

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The CST sums it up:

“To repeat, however, HRW are far better placed than me to say whether or not Garlasco is a Nazi sympathiser. I believe him to be a moral imbecile for wearing an Iron Cross sweatshirt, but that does not make him a Nazi. (Whilst many Nazis are idiots, thankfully the opposite is less true). Despite this, HRW need to cast aside their arguments with Israel and instead engage with the issues, and in particular with the human right of Jews and others to protest that a senior HRW activist should be an Iron Cross sweatshirt wearing Nazi medal obsessive.”

Update: Ignoblus take issue, HRW88?

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The EDL’s American Friends.

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Robert Spencer and his posse of anti-Muslim bigots were touring bits of the UK recently, but their planned dinner date with some Far Right EDLers didn’t take place as planned, Richard Bartholomew has the details:

“However, Spencer’s British contacts were not pleased to discover at the restaurant that they were about to share a table with the EDL, and, as Adrian Morgan delicately put it, “Tensions between some of the anti-jihadist factions who had all been kindly invited by Jason to a meal caused splitting of the groups and confusion”. Extrication was eased, though, because, according to Spencer, the restaurant management had asked the party to leave anyway just before the EDL showed up , on account of the subject matter of their conversation.”

If you look at Jihad Watch’s version of event you’ll see a difference, painting themselves as innocent victims:

“In fact, when I returned to the George the next night with the producers of the film, we were not allowed entry because the previous night we had been discussing jihad and Islamic supremacism. “

And make their obligatory dig:

“We also went by the Masjid-e-Ilyas near the site of the 2012 Olympics — where Muslims want to build the largest mosque in Europe, capable of holding 70,000 people. But we were not allowed in.”

Frankly, I would have kicked them out too.

Richard Bartholomew has more on these weird Americans and the EDL.

Update 1: LoonWatch on The Blog Wars: Charles Johnson Takes on Robert Spencer for Associating with Extremists.

Update 2:
The Spittoon on Anti-Muslim Bigotry, Plain and Nasty.

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Broadband And More Technical Bits.

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Think you’ve got a slow connection? Think pigeons. [Jim beat me to it]

Kernel 2.6.31 is coming.

Apple users get plenty of bug fixes.

Turing, finally an apology.

Got a radioactive phone? EWG explains more. The full list is here.

Vista gets caught with an old bug from 1999.

More Firefox bug fixing.

Zenwalk 6.2 is released.

Finally, the Darwin Centre opens.

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Swiss Fence Nazi Loot.

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Simply, unbelievable in this day and age:

“GENEVA — Swiss law bars a museum from surrendering a 19th-century painting that it was given after it had been stolen from a Jewish family in Paris by the pro-Nazi Vichy French regime during World War II, authorities said Thursday.

More than 40 years after the war, a subsequent owner of “The Valley of the Stour” by British painter John Constable gave it to the city of La Chaux-de Fonds in her will, on condition that the work remain in the local museum, said Remy Gogniat, a city spokesman.

When a relative of the original owner claimed the painting in 2006, the city near Switzerland’s western border with France sought two expert legal opinions in the case.

“The first one explains that under Swiss law there is no obligation of restitution,” Gogniat said Thursday. The second one concludes that the city is bound by the will of Madeleine Junod, who bestowed the painting along with a series of others to the city in 1986, he said.

Under the will, her collection has to be housed in a specific room of the city’s Fine Arts Museum and not to be split up.

“So we don’t have the right to return it,” Gogniat said.

The painting, which today has an estimated value of around 1 million Swiss francs ($958,000), was confiscated from the Paris home of Anna Jaffe after she died in 1942 at age 90, according to a press release by the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

It was in a collection taken by French Vichy authorities who were collaborating with the Nazis and was auctioned the following year and subsequently changed hands several times.

The London-based Central Registry of Information on Looted Cultural Property says Jaffe, a British Jew living in France, had a large collection of artworks that included paintings from famous artists, such as Goya, Rembrandt and Turner.

“Vichy-imposed laws mandated that all Jewish properties were to be confiscated and sold at public auctions,” it said.”

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