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The EDL’s American Friends.

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Robert Spencer and his posse of anti-Muslim bigots were touring bits of the UK recently, but their planned dinner date with some Far Right EDLers didn’t take place as planned, Richard Bartholomew has the details:

“However, Spencer’s British contacts were not pleased to discover at the restaurant that they were about to share a table with the EDL, and, as Adrian Morgan delicately put it, “Tensions between some of the anti-jihadist factions who had all been kindly invited by Jason to a meal caused splitting of the groups and confusion”. Extrication was eased, though, because, according to Spencer, the restaurant management had asked the party to leave anyway just before the EDL showed up , on account of the subject matter of their conversation.”

If you look at Jihad Watch’s version of event you’ll see a difference, painting themselves as innocent victims:

“In fact, when I returned to the George the next night with the producers of the film, we were not allowed entry because the previous night we had been discussing jihad and Islamic supremacism. “

And make their obligatory dig:

“We also went by the Masjid-e-Ilyas near the site of the 2012 Olympics — where Muslims want to build the largest mosque in Europe, capable of holding 70,000 people. But we were not allowed in.”

Frankly, I would have kicked them out too.

Richard Bartholomew has more on these weird Americans and the EDL.

Update 1: LoonWatch on The Blog Wars: Charles Johnson Takes on Robert Spencer for Associating with Extremists.

Update 2:
The Spittoon on Anti-Muslim Bigotry, Plain and Nasty.

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11/09/2009 at 14:54

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