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Vestas And Accountant’s Fees.

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The amount of money required to turn Vestas into a workers’ co-operative, or at the very least tide over the company is small beans, in terms of the Global Credit Crunch, about £50 million, if memory serves.

£50 million is a lot of money for individuals, but for Governments and Banks it is a paltry amount.

I’ll bet that the accountant’s fees paid by HMG during the Global Credit Crunch far exceed that, yet the money couldn’t be found, for political reasons.

Sadly, New Labour have imbibed too much Thatcherism and forgotten that State intervention to protect jobs during a recession is a perfectly acceptable practice.

Still, that is not going to happen, so the workers at Vestas are continuing their struggle, Isle of Wight County Press has more:

“CLIMATE activists are today (Thursday) blockading the Vestas factory in an attempt to prevent blades being removed.
A giant tripod has been erected outside the St Cross factory, blocking the blades from being loaded onto the Bladerunner barge.

“We see it as our duty to stop our blades from leaving as part of the campaign to nationalise the factory,” one protestor said.

Danish firm Vestas shut the Newport site along with its Southampton plant, with the loss of 600 jobs last month.

The moved sparked a 19-day sit-in by around 11 workers, making headlines around the world.

The Save Vestas Campaign is holding a national day of action next Thursday, September 17, when people are being encouraged to keep it green.”

Good luck to them.

Written by modernityblog

12/09/2009 at 15:14

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