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Forgotten Afghans in Iran.

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The plight of Saeed Rostami needs re-telling, from the Release Saeed Rostami, Facebook group:

“This group is primarily a call to everyone who would like to participate in some form of protest to put a pressure on IRI to release an afghanistan-born worker in Iran, Saeed Rostami. He was arrested on May Day 2009. Out of 150 arrested that day, only 2 are kept in prison, one of which is Rostami.

As per the following note in Farsi, Saeed, born in Kabul, was a worker for “Food industry” working under the Norouz Khan bridge in Tehran, arrested at Lale park on May Day celebration gathering, currently in Evin prison, section 3 of Hall 7. Despite 3 letters from Saeed and an official letter from Afghanistan’s embassy, his case has been ignored by the court. . Also, that he has nobody and his case has been forgotten. Why?

A bit about Afghans in Iran

Most of you have learned and seen the atrocities that people in Iran have been through in the past 30 years. Add a systematic, vicious segregation on top of that to understand what millions of Afghans experienced under the reign of the IRI.

Initially refugee Afghans in Iran, from 80s, have been subject to systematic racism by the IRI which encouraged the chauvinist trends among general population in Iran resulting in daily harassment. Hardworking Afghans were/are legally subject to harshest conditions of living, allowed only to work in dirtiest, heaviest jobs.

According to the 1996 census, there are 700,000 under-15 child workers in Iran. 50% of Street Kids Are Afghans.

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13/09/2009 at 12:57

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