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Saeed Rostami Update.

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News in from Facebook:

“Saeed Rostami, an Afghan immigrant worker in Iran who was arrested during this year’s May 1st celebrations in the Park of Laleh in Tehran along with about 150 other people, was released from prison on Wednesday September 16th at 02.30 PM after four and a half months in prison.

First an interrogator from the Security Department of the Court of Ba’sat ordered Sa’id Rostami to post a hundred million tomans bail after accusing him of acting against the national security. After hearing him and based on Sa’id’s statements that he is an Afghan citizen and that he doesn’t hold residence permit, the Security Department sent his case to the court for further studies. Sa’id Rostami was held in prison for an uncertain time, until the court studied his case and issued his release on Wednesday September 9th.

Saturday September 12th while Sa’id was leaving the jail, an officer guarding the exit door of Evin Prison told him that he had to leave Iran and returned him to the prison. Sunday September 13th he was once again dispatched to the court from where he was taken to a camp in order to be deported, but the authorities in the camp didn’t take him in and Sa’id was once again transferred back to the Evin Prison.

After this, on Wednesday September 16th, Sa’id Rostami’s case was handled again in the same court, where the judge ordered his release on the same day at 02.30 in the afternoon.

It is worth mentioning that the officials in the Iranian Free Trade Union and other labor activists have been following Sa’id’s case ever since and have worked hard for his release by taking different actions such as visiting the Embassy of Afghanistan and assigning a lawyer (Dr. Awliya’i-far) for him.

The Iranian Free Trade Union congratulates from heart Sa’id’s family and friends on his release and is happy that he wasn’t deported. We also declare our solidarity with the Afghan immigrant workers in Iran in their fight against discrimination and for earning the right to Iranian citizenship, and we tell them that we are their allies.

Long Live the International Solidarity of the Working Class
Iranian Free Trade Union
September 16th 2009”

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19/09/2009 at 13:56

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