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Technical Bits And No More Office.

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Technology rears its ugly head again and here’s a sampling of some technical bits.

IBM drops MS office.

Nice LED bulbs, if you’ve won the lottery or are Fred the Shred.

Now there’s a surprise, not, an ex-Minister climbing on the nuclear gravy train.

1000 channels of crap on TV, but at least they are in 3D?

Opera 10, and why one user thinks it is wonderful.

Windows 7 and Vista flaws.

CAD for Linux.

Facebook’s on a diet, much better.

Want to learn Swedish for free? Wikiversity has more.

Faster Wi Fi agreed.

Let’s hope those wonderful cantenna will continue to work and allow Wi Fi over miles, not yards. If you are lazy, they sell them too.

More kernel improvements.

Mint on XFce is out, I haven’t tested it and probably won’t for a long while, but when I played with Mint about 6 months ago I liked it, a little top heavy for my tastes but functional.

A review of Mandriva 64 Linux which again is fairly functional, could lose some weight but not bad.

Any fans of Tomorrow’s World left ? Here’s the first edition and the BBC archive has a lot more.

Stable Chrome? XP for the moment, its not too bad under Linux and speedy too.

ARM are going to take on Intel and some cheaper/smarter netbooks might result.

Written by modernityblog

20/09/2009 at 13:01

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  1. Here’s a very technical one: Don Brockway on How I Hacked The OS Of My First Computer And How It Changed My Life

    Kellie Strøm

    22/09/2009 at 14:04

  2. A Mac? Nah the Lisa was cooler, when she first came out.

    As for the Kaypro, I thought they were very modern at the time.

    Punch cards? Was there any other way?

    ahh memory lane 🙂


    22/09/2009 at 14:38

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