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Zelaya Made It In.

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Manuel Zelaya, the ousted President, has made it back into Honduras and good luck to him.

At the moment he’s stuck in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa surrounded by military forces, which supported the coup d’etat, and they making very hostile noises.

Whether or not the coup plotters will have the courage, or foolhardiness, to storm the Brazilian Embassy remains to be seen, but this twist in events certainly ramps up the tension with clashes between Zelaya’s supporters and the forces of the State.

The Obama regime has come out against the coup d’etat, however, it seems powerless to influence events on the ground, now it is all in the hands of the Honduran people.

Update 1: BBC has more coverage, including a video of police brutality.

Update 2: The Field has a lot more and some real time blogging as events unfold.

Update 3:
According to the Field, Brazil has requested an emergency session of the UN Security Council, tomorrow.

Update 4:
The Honduran Campesino has some startling pictures.

Update 5:
Another blog, Honduras Oye, is providing plenty of coverage, here’s a snippet:

“The more important items from this batch are: A great deal of repression taking place in San Pedro Sula and the house of National Front leader, Israel Salinas, has been heavily damaged; the Supreme Court of Honduras is preparing the legal means to order the invasion of the Brazilian embassy; hundreds of people are being detained at the Futbol Estadio – Chochi Sosa, some with injuries for which they are not receiving medical care; and the offices of the committee of detained and disappeared have been attacked by police with tear gas.”

Update 6:
A few more sites and related blog, the National Front against the coup d’etat, El Libertador, Vos El Soberano and Honduras Laboral.

Update 7:
The Beeb has another report with a video clip.

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22/09/2009 at 20:35

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