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Honduras And The Curfew.

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A piece on Bloomberg suggests that the cost of keeping up a curfew in Honduras is high:

” Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) — Honduras’s nationwide curfew is costing the Central American nation’s economy $50 million a day, said Jesus Canahuati, vice president of the nation’s chapter of the Business Council of Latin America.

The country’s $14.1 billion economy has lost up to $200 million in investment since the military ousted Manuel Zelaya from office on June 28, Canahuati said in a telephone interview today.

“Those are numbers that aren’t sustainable in Honduras,” Canahuati said from San Pedro Sula. “We’re a poor country, and many people won’t eat if there’s no work.” ”

Another article on Reuters looks at Brazil’s role.

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24/09/2009 at 00:23