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Losing Sight Of The Dividing Line.

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Thanks to Engage for pointing out a post on the CST blog, which makes a comparison between the type of coverage given to the Holocaust denying, Ahmadinejad.

No one in the West, and particularly Guardian readers with access to the Internet, should have any illusions about Ahmadinejad, it seems that barely a month goes by when he is either fiddling elections or denying the Holocaust, as he did recently on the annual Al Quds Day as RTE reports:

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said the Holocaust was a ‘myth’, reiterating comments that sparked outrage around the world.

‘The very existence of this regime is an insult to the dignity of the people,’ the hardliner said as he addressed the annual Quds Day rally in Tehran referring to Israel.

They (Western powers) launched the myth of the Holocaust. They lied, they put on a show and then they support the Jews.’

If as you claim the Holocaust is true, why can a study not be allowed?’ the Iranian president said to chants of ‘Death to Israel’ from the crowd gathered for the annual display of solidarity with the Palestinians.

‘The pretext for establishing the Zionist regime is a lie… a lie which relies on an unreliable claim, a mythical claim, and the occupation of Palestine has nothing to do with the Holocaust,’ he added.

Similar comments made by Mr Ahmadinejad shortly after his first election as president in 2005 also sparked an international outcry. “

So no one should be in any doubt concerning Ahmadinejad’s blatant Holocaust denial, except those at the Guardian, as Mark Gardner points out:

“Now of course the Guardian would never mean it like that – well, not like Ahmadinejad means it anyway. And of course the Guardian would neither threaten another Holocaust, nor deny the last one.

Nevertheless, the Guardian as an institution – and as a consequence much of its constituency – has clearly allowed its hostility against Israel to erode both its understanding of antisemitism; and its vigilance against imagery that evokes deeply rooted antisemitic stereotypes.

This is not so much a conscious decision, or some covert antisemitic conspiracy: it is simply what happens when, over time, basically decent people lose sight of the dividing line between criticism and hatred, and between scathing political comment and racist abuse. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule at both the Guardian and throughout the wider Left, but they are swimming against the tide.”

Update 1:
Not forgetting that even Juan Cole finally admits Ahmadinejad is articulating antisemitism, a welcome acknowledgment, but about 4 years too late as Adam Holland ably dissects.

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Slap On Wrist For BNP Drunk.

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The BNP’s most famous drunkard, Richard Barnbrook, received a minor slap on the wrist for lying in a BNP promotional video about non-existent murders in Dagenham, Left Foot Forward has more.

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Ken’s Puff Piece And The Holocaust Denier.

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There is an appalling piece of Hamas PR in this week’s New Statesman.

Ken Livingstone interviews Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal.

He’s not really asked any difficult questions and Livingstone seems to grovel at Meshal’s knees, not troubling to pick him up on the difficult issues.

I posted a slightly critical comment, I doubt it will see the light of day. [Update: It did get posted, but there’s no discussion what so ever on these issues, which is a bit scary considering the NS was once meant to be a premier political magazine.]

Next time, the New Statesman should refer to Meshal’s previous interview on Sky, where he advanced his own version of Holocaust revisionism.

“On the 31st of March 2008, Khaled Meshaal tells a Sky interviewer:

“KM: We don’t want to harm any religion in the world. We don’t deny the holocaust.
But, we believe the Zionists have exaggerated the numbers to get sympathy from other nations. But, there is Palestinian suffering caused by Israel.”

Would Ken Livingstone be so gentle with David Irving? I doubt it.

Update 1:
I have covered Hamas on a number of occasions.

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