“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

Good Summary on Honduras.

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This is a surprisingly good video clip from Honduras:

Update 1: UN mobile? Zelaya spoke to the United Nations General Assembly via a mobile phone, whilst still in the Brazilian Embassy, as the Times reports:

The ousted Honduran president has become the first world leader ever to address the United Nations General Assembly by mobile phone, appealing to the world body to help return hm to power.

Manuel Zelaya made the long-distance speech to the 192-nation body from his refuge in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, where he is surrounded by soldiers and riot police.

Patricia Rodas Baca, his Foreign Minister, surprised delegates by pulling out her mobile phone at the start of her UN address last night.

Flourishing the phone, she gave Mr Zelaya a dramatic introduction. “Our President is under siege by military forces…” she said. “He is being threatened and constanly, every minute, every second, that passes, could be the one that brings the tragic resolution.” “

Update 2:
Spanish language sites on the crisis in Honduras, resistencia morazan and honduras resistencia.

Update 3:
I forget if I published this link before, but el libertador is a good newspaper in Honduras covering events.

Written by modernityblog

29/09/2009 at 18:44

7 Responses

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  1. I’m curious, mod. What do you lefties want here, precisely? To restore Zelaya to the Presidential Hacienda? Should Honduras be forced to violate its own constitution by permitting Zelaya to run again? And what about the rest of the government? How are they to deal with him?


    29/09/2009 at 22:29

  2. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I would hope that all those that actually believe in democracy, over rule by the military, would support Zelaya resolving this situation peacefully and resuming his office.

    Bearing in mind that it was the Coup plotters that opened this can of worms, which has become the focus for wider discontentment with the unequal nature of Honduran society.


    29/09/2009 at 22:59

  3. As I understand it, the “coup plotters” were simply the Honduran government dealing with a rogue president who wished to annul the constitution to stay in office. I’m glad that you aknowledge this has far less to do with law and far more to do with “justice.”


    29/09/2009 at 23:20

  4. ahh, yeah I see law & order is supposedly served by bundling the then President Zelaya out in his pajamas onto a plane, forcing him out of the country?

    Can’t see that myself.


    29/09/2009 at 23:45

  5. Sheesh, mod. I’ve always said the exile bit was a bit much. But everything up to that was totally kosher.


    30/09/2009 at 00:04

  6. Maybe it should be treated as a totality?

    Just cos all of the “paperwork” was supposedly done doesn’t make it less of a coup d’etat, unless we wish to sink into legalism?

    Zelaya had no right of recourse, just put on a plane, that wouldn’t have been lawful in the US/UK or EU so I don’t see how it could be considered, in a totality, to be fair, etc


    30/09/2009 at 00:49

  7. I can’t find the link but one of the plotters, an Alumni of the School of the Americas or its newer form, admitted it was illegal.

    Zelaya might be an arse but military juntas disposing of arses never ends too well.


    30/09/2009 at 06:58

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