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Will They Boycott Antibiotics?

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The onward march of science must be an eternal frustration to the anti-Israeli, pro-boycotter crowd.

No sooner have they tried to demonize or attack some Israelis, than one of those smart Israelis produces a major scientific development.

So it is with Ada Yonath of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. She has just won the Nobel prize for chemistry, shared with two other academics who have made a breakthrough in the study of DNA and ribosome.

As the Times puts it:

“The research is also helping the design of antibiotics to treat people who are infected with a bacterium that has developed antibiotic resistance, for example, some of the strains of bacteria that cause tuberculosis.”

I wonder if anti-Israeli types will be boycotting the medical treatments that come out of Professor Yonath’s work? I seriously doubt it.

In other news, that anti-Israeli fanatic,Vanessa Redgrave, shows just how lazy bigots like her truly are? She argues ‘ “Tel Aviv is built on destroyed Palestinian villages.” True., little realizing how false that statement is. Tel Aviv was build in 1909 on sand dunes.

It takes a certain mentality to be so ill informed on the Middle East and in particular Tel Aviv, founded under Ottoman rule, long before 1948, but then again anti-Israeli types are often not too concerned with facts, science or basic history.

Written by modernityblog

08/10/2009 at 02:35

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