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Manchester: EDL Outnumbered By AntiFascists.

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Over at the HOPE not hate blog they cover the pathetic turnout by the EDL in Manchester city centre:

“Given what could have been the English Defence League protest has passed off relatively peacefully. Thousands of people came out to show their opposition but there were also a worrying number of locals who came out in support of the EDL.

In total, and after having a look at the footage and photos, I think that there were between 600-700 EDL and hangers on. I would estimate that 40-45% of the EDL support were football hooligans, the rest were locals, racists and some hardline and known nazis.

There were 48 arrests, which was lower than Birmingham, but the level of disruption, the number of clashes and the overall numbers involved were considerably higher.

The police operation prevented mass disorder. It was clear that the hooligans had come in looking for trouble. They were not allowed to stay in the pubs for any length of time and when they were on the streets they were continually moved around. At the end they were marched out of the area, herded around the outskirts of the city and then bussed out.”

Read the other entries. A backgrounder on the EDL.

The Beeb’s coverage.

Written by modernityblog

10/10/2009 at 19:07

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