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Ingrid Betancourt and Gilad Shalit.

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One of my readers kindly reminded me, I had forgotten that Gilad Shalit had French citizenship, with that in mind the situation of Ingrid Betancourt is pertinent.

She was kidnapped by FARC whilst out campaigning in 2002. This BBC News article marked her 1000th day in captivity yet you would search high and low to find a similar one on Gilad Shalit.

Ingrid Betancourt has dual Colombian and French citizenship.

Gilad Shalit has dual Israeli and French citizenship.

There the similarity ends. There is precious little coverage in the Western media of Gilad Shalit’s plight.

More recently France has made a few token noises and even granted Paris citizenship to Gilad’s father, but there is nothing about Hamas’s treatment of Gilad Shalit and their contravention of his status as a POW (access to the Red Cross, etc).

What is noticeable is the inability of the Western media and policy makers to make even elementary criticisms of Hamas when the fate of an Israeli is at stake.

I suspect such an attitude doesn’t go unnoticed in Israel.

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11/10/2009 at 15:44

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