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Strike Breaking At The Post Office.

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It gets worse and worse, now the Post Office management are considering how best to freeze out the CWU, reduce working conditions and make a packet for themselves, the Times reports:

“The Royal Mail is preparing to impose changes on its staff with the full backing of the Government, a leaked document revealed last night.

The disclosure came as the Communication Workers Union (CWU) confirmed that it was calling out 120,000 Royal Mail employees on a two-day strike, which it said was aimed at maximising disruption.

About 42,000 network drivers and mail centre staff are due to hold a 24-hour strike on Thursday, while on Friday 78,000 delivery and collection staff will walk out for 24 hours.

The CWU said that the Royal Mail’s refusal to negotiate over its modernisation plans and proposals to reform pay and working conditions had left it little choice. Dave Ward, the CWU deputy general secretary, said that it was “unbelievable” that the Government was not intervening in the long-running dispute. But an internal Royal Mail document suggests that it has full government support for implementing its plans without union agreement. The report also implies that if the CWU does not agree to the modernisation plans the Royal Mail will “serve notice” on its existing agreements with the union.

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15/10/2009 at 22:51

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  1. […] gives lie to the previous denials by the PO and the leaked document on their proposed […]

  2. Gordon Brown as Chancellor committed a £1.7 billion of taxpayers funds to the Post Office now he and Lord mandy are totally ignoring the investment of funds and man power. They want to sell the Poast Officet to the Toffs.


    22/10/2009 at 18:53

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