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Don’t Speak Ill Of Ubuntu.

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Just as Windows 7 needed some competition Ubuntu stumbles, the media and forums are full of horror stories on the new Karmic Koala.

My experience wasn’t so bad, but the changes to X were always going to be the Achilles heel, and whilst I agree with tight release schedules I think that a longer Beta period with concerted feedback is required.

Canonical should aim to recruit a massive external Beta test team, and using a very varied hardware mix try to trap these minor annoyances before the public releases. Having a small team just dealing with X issues would probably speed things along too.

Update 1:
Konstipated Koala – worth a read.

Update 2: More on X problems with Ubuntu 9.10.

Update 3: Mandriva 2010 is out, could be a nice alternative? It is not obviously fully released yet (officially), but if you look at the Paris FTP servers with the 2009 edition, then go to the top level directory you will see a 2010.0, that’s it.

Written by modernityblog

03/11/2009 at 14:29

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  1. Hmm, nice you updated about the Mandriva relase! 🙂


    04/11/2009 at 05:12

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