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A Dollar.

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World Service had an interesting program from Namibia on a Basic Income Grant project:

“Thrown off nearby farms at the time of Namibia’s independence, the squatters of Otjivero lived a hand-to-mouth existence with no job prospects or land to farm.

Last year a scheme was established to give every inhabitant a basic cash grant of about US$10 a month, to spend as they wanted.

Believed to be the first no–conditions cash handout in the world, this small cash injection has made an enormous difference to their lives.

School enrolment has shot up, small businesses are springing up, and the nurse at the local clinic says malnutrition rates amongst the children have dropped.”

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Facebook’s Anti-Roma Group.

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A cautionary tale, as to how modern media and the web are being used to attack the Roma in the most disgusting of ways:

“Yesterday the daily Lidové noviny (LN) reported that the new racist group on the Facebook social networking site called “Every Fan Means One Less Gypsy! Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic!” (“Za 1 fanouška…o 1 cikána méně! Pojďme vyčistit ČR!”), which incites hatred against the Roma and calls for their extermination, no longer has an administrator and cannot be contributed to. Some former administrators of the group claim to have had no idea they were even filling that role. The group was created on 4 November and almost 10 000 people have joined it. Detectives are investigating its creation and its members.

LN reports that the person who founded the group has not contributed to it. The group has had a minimum of four different administrators entrusted with excluding people from the group or erasing their contributions. Two such administrators claim they were assigned the role without asking for it.

“I accepted an invitation to the group without realizing it was racist,” Ondra Zugar told the paper. He left it after realizing what kind of group it was. “Then some people started writing to me saying I was its administrator and I should erase it,” he said, adding that he wants nothing to do with it.

“Police are investigating this Facebook group. However, I cannot publicize what specific steps they are taking at this time,” said police spokesperson Pavla Kopecká, who says police are able to determine who the group’s founder was even if the person is no longer active as its author.

LN reported previously that the commentaries posted by sympathizers of the racist group were very harsh because no administrator was erasing any submissions and contributors could write whatever they wanted. Participants in the discussion called for Roma to be shot or for people to take to the streets armed with brass knuckles and nightsticks.

The group is not the first case of a racist discussion on Facebook. Kopecká says police have already investigated a group called “Final Solution to the Gypsy Question” (“Konečné řešení otázky cikánské”) where similar statements appeared. “

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Feck Off Friends of David Irving.

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Every now and again, normally after I have posted something on David Irving my blog gets a boost, an unwelcome leap in posters.

These posters, like Michael Santomauro, are either neo-Nazis, Hitler lovers or their mates, and wrongly they assume that they should be allowed to spout their racialist filth all and every where. They never trouble to read my comment policy or understand the fact that I positively loath these Jew hating fascist scum.

So just in case, Michael Santomauro, did not get my message before, I’ll make it clearer:

Feck off friends of David Irving, you are not welcome here.

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New Yorkers Against David Irving.

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You’ve got to like em!

New Yorkers Against David Irving have managed to block part of his speaking tour in New York City, Infoshop news has more:

“Irving was scheduled to speak on November 14th at the Catholic Kolping Society at 165 East 88th Street. Along with several concerned citizens and citizen’s groups, New Yorkers Against David Irving made calls to the venue, explaining who David Irving is and why he was hiding behind a fictitious name in order to reserve space at their facility. Further, they demanded that the event be canceled.

New Yorkers Against David Irving firmly believes that Holocaust revisionists and deniers and neo-Nazi sympathizers have no place in NYC – or anywhere else for that matter! We will always take action to ensure our city stays clean from the likes of David Irving and other fascist scum.”

(H/T: Entdinglichung )

Update 1: New Jersey Residents Against David Irving (NJ-RADI) managed to do the same, great!

Update 2: A few neo-nazis want to gloat about Irving in the comments box, I would refer them to my post.

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