“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

What Freedom For Neo-Fascists Really Means.

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News in from the Roma Virtual Network, Hungary:

“In hungary the last weekend in a small town in the North East part of Hungary there were physical conflicts between local Roma people and the members of the extreem right party, the Jobbik.

Later, during the weekend the forbidden Hungaraian Guard came to the settlements, and made the situation worse. For the police took the whole weekend to normalize the situation. The reason of the conflict was, that there was a so called “hearing”, where the members of the “jobbik” were present. Roma people waited outside the street – and while doing that, anger and frustration grew.

When the Hungarian press informs about this, it is not questioning the following basic points:

– what kind of “hearing”, was it, and how is it possible that the inhabitants of the town were not invited, welcome.
– if it was in the city hall, how is it possible that the building of the local government can be used for purposes like this,
– what was the purpose of the hearing, and who were invited? Shortly, who were the people who “heard the hearing”, and what the heard?
– how is it is possible, that the major can refuse to give an interview, – as it happened this morning – (becouse of lack of time:)

As you might remember, this part of Hungary is the same neighbourhood the last year nine Roma people were killed. (A few weeks ago, they catched the murders, the court-case is going on right now)

Presently there are a lot anti-Roma sentiments in the press – as people say – you see, Roma making problems.

Please have attention to this, and as well use any ways possible to question the Hungarian government, the parties, etc, to ask the above mentioned questions.

Please look:

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17/11/2009 at 03:12

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